Perkis, A reactivated warlock

New members and potential recruits please introduce yourselves in here.
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Perkis, A reactivated warlock

#1 Post by Perkis » Mon Nov 29, 2010 7:16 pm

Hello All,

I’m Jonathan from Cambridge, UK. I’m interested in joining a social guild who will be raiding in Cata. I’ve been off Wow for about a year now but just before that was playing a hunter in a Horde Guild, Kindred of Twin Blades, on Outland PvP.

This ‘lock Char is about 5 years old not & I’ve not done much raiding with him and to be honest done precious little in WoTLK but did a bit in BC and a bunch in the original. Over the last month mainly been doing heroics and playing with achievements. TBH it has been reasonably easy to pick up where I had left off with this char although I imagine that everyone else being well kitted out in Heroics has helped my initial ineptitude.

I have a Pala char, tempman, who is in RoF but been neglected a couple of years now (who I’m surprised you haven’t kicked ^^). Unless anyone has very long memories you won’t recall as I wasn’t that active with him.

I plan to become reasonably committed to raiding but it slightly depends on RL stuff. I’m dependable enough that if I say I will turn up I will and geeky enough to want to perform well when I do.

Cheers Guys,

Jonathan (perkis)

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Re: Perkis, A reactivated warlock

#2 Post by Celellach » Mon Nov 29, 2010 8:46 pm

Hey Perkis,
You should have first started with saying you are a renegade as thats the most important things :)
For not kicking your MIA have to thank DV and Rev. They are hoarders :mad: :sigh:

Anyways, always nice to see a renegade back playing.
I want to play a game.

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