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New members and potential recruits please introduce yourselves in here.
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The islander

#1 Post by Fin » Sat Dec 18, 2010 9:12 pm

My name is Chris and I play a gnome priest (currently level 84.) I leveled my priest from 1-80 as disc and spent most of wotlk playing disc pvp and pve. Since the talent changes I have played a fair bit of Holy and Shadow (again mostly pvp :) )

I used to have a warlock in the guild back in tbc called Finlaggan, I also played a death knight called Cove from the launch of wrath. I left RoF to pvp with rl friends over on Stormscale.

Since the release of cataclysm I've decided that I want to come back to Turalyon and to RoF (if you will have me back :oops: ). I've moved characters away a couple times and have always come back, the motto on the forum banner couldn't be truer for me. I missed this guild and the laughs I've had in it.

When I hit endgame I would like to see some of the new pve content, learn the tactics and progress through it as part of a team. I also intend on running lots of bgs because I'm a sucker for them :hehe:

So aye, that is my application!

ps. Bribes can be arranged if necessary :ninja:

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