Hello from Folletto

New members and potential recruits please introduce yourselves in here.
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Hello from Folletto

#1 Post by Folletto » Mon Jan 10, 2011 11:47 pm


If i'm on this board is cause quitting Wow is almost impossible.

I started to play that game few months after his beginning, played vanilla for long time, then i joined an hardcore guild and started to raid seriously from the first attempts to down Nefarian to Al-Quirai. I did return to my previous social guild, helping them to clear Molten Bore before to froze for the first time.

When Burning Crusade went out, i started to level up my little mage and the day i've hit the 70' i froze my account once more.

I did install Wrath of the Lich King without doing a single level up, and then i was pretty sure to be out of the game.

Till the unlucky day when Kelodur persuaded me to get back to gaming.

So i'm there with my Gnome Mage, i've moved him on this server to join my r/l friend and i'm starting to leveling again.

I would love to join this guild, sure i'll find nice buddies to party with, and who knows if i'll get back raiding :)

Thanks for the attention,


Ps. my name is Francesco, i have a gaming store here in Italy. For everything else, see you in game!

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Re: Hello from Folletto

#2 Post by northwestdakota » Tue Jan 11, 2011 1:00 am

Hi Francesco,

Thanks for the application, we would be happy for you to join us. Please whisper Takrill, Zandra, Kelodur, Reyes, Wickedchild or Shindarak for an invite.

See you in game.

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