Firelands tactics

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Firelands tactics

#1 Post by Kelodur » Tue Dec 06, 2011 1:02 am


Two phase fight.
During P1 the boss is on a spiderweb above the ground level, and the bottom level is infested by adds. The boss has a red bar slowly ticking to zero, as this bar reaches zero it will descend to ground level and phase 2 will start.

During P1 there are three type of adds:
1) Drones must be tanked, facing away from the raid as they have a frontal cone attack, they have a bar similar to that of boss, and they should be killed before the bar reaches zero; if not they will subtract some more energy from boss, making phase 1 last less, and so making phase 2 (burn phase) longer, which may result in us hitting a soft enrage during P2.
2) Spinners shoot the raid. They climb down a spider "rope" and stop at middle height. They should be taunted from there by a tank or whoever else has a taunt at disposal, as they make a lot more damage when not on the ground. After they get on ground they make negligible damage and don't need tanking. When they are killed they leave their rope open for use by everyone else, each rope can be used once to get on the upper floor (boss floor).
3) Spiderlings are small spiders that dont have an aggro table, claw to party members like little facehuggers and run toward the nearest drone. They need to be slowed and aoed before they reach drone or they will heal and buff them. Tank should help by moving drone away from them.

At the start of the fight, we should all get into center of the room, and while the tank grabs the drone, we need to kill asap some spinners to get people on top floor. This must be done asap as if no one is on top floor bethtilac makes a raid wide attack every few seconds. We should kill the first two spinners, then tank and healer go on top, then we may add from 0 to 2 dps on top floor, depending on how we manage on bottom floor and our total dps (there are reports where guild clear the fight by having no dps in P1 and doing a great burn phase).
There is no set adds priority, and there are tons of different set ups used to finish the encounter: the only fixed things is that if small spiders are out, we all have to kill small spiders asap. The rest of the dps should be split among drones and spinners, but we need to see by ourselves what its like to understand how.

On top floor things are very easy: tank and spam, and avoid meteors from the sky. These meteors open holes in the spiderweb, so dont get in holes or you fall down. After a while, bethilac starts casting smoldering devastation: at that moment everyone on top floor should get into an hole in the middle of the web, and get back to bottom floor (or die). Dont use meteor holes as you get falling damage when using them. When this happens, aid should get back in the middle to allow for easier aoe healing, and we should follow again the same routine to get people on top floor etc.

P2 is your typical burn phase. Kill remainng adds, then dps the boss like there is no tomorrow. Tanks need to do a tank switch when they get debuffed from The widow kiss.

Rinse and repeat, loot and enjoy our first kill there!
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