Dragon Soul LFR tactics and advices.

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Dragon Soul LFR tactics and advices.

#1 Post by Kelodur » Tue Dec 06, 2011 5:38 pm

First of all, let's start by getting something clear: even if we have now a LFR tool, even if they made the LFR version of Dragon Soul pug-friendly, pug are still pugs. You won't clear Dragon Soul every single time you try it, and you will get a lot of people coming and leaving, people with unenchanted and ungemmed gear, people that can't follow even the most basic instructions. Luckily, in a 25 men environment, a couple of people screwing up won't get you a wipe, but there will be times where you get into a fail group and there won't be any chance to finish it.

My general rules for succeding in a pug:
Lead the pug if possible, so that you get to choose how to do a boss, and you get to explain tactics and have them implemented. If you're not a raid leader, try to help him in doing things right if you see they are screwing up, or not leading at all. Expecially when things are not going well, pugs are prone to listening to the individual sounding more knowledgeable, so that's your occasion to get things done right.
Always assume important roles in the pug. If there is one that has to pull a lever at a certain moment, always be him if you can. It's better to wipe cause of you screwing up,
Mark targets, mark people to be followed, mark places in the room, mark EVERYTHING you need people to move to, to look for, or to attack.
Try to identify the best people in the pug and give them important roles needed for the fight. You don't want a lobotomized huntard on adds, you want that ilvl 390 arrogant lock that you HATE talking to, but at least know what he's doing.
On wipes, be patient, and try to keep the tones light. Too many pugs get disbanded cause two people start arguing on who sucks more, and the rest of the party gets bored and leave. Try to identify from wipes if you're in a group that can or can't work, given enough time.
Arrive in a pug prepared. Drink a flask, eat your food. Don't fall in the pug mentality yourself, you'll need all the help you can get to finish one of these new raids anyway.

On to the encounters!

P1 - Everyone stand close to him, with tank closest. Tank have to swap after crush armor. When he uses Resonating Crystal, a big pink crystal is created on the ground, all ranged should get over the crystal til it explode.
P2 - P2 is triggered when he uses black blood ability; when he does that run away from him, and hide behind the spike wall. Don't stand in the black blood for any reason!

Things you could do to make this easier for a pug (shouldn't be needed honestly, this one is piss easy):
1) Mark a smart ranged (or yourself) and have all people stack on him. That ranged moves from crystal to crystal, people will follow him and that's it.
2) If you're a tank, whisper, yell or whatever to the other tank when he must taunt.
3) At start of P2 spam a /rw RUN BEHIND SPIKES! for all the non DBM users

P1 - All ranged behind the tank, all melee behind the boss. He casts a purple ball, ranged should get hit by hit so that the ball bounces back to the tank, then the tank gets hit, then the ranged gets hit and so on. After 5-10 bounces, the tank should move and let the boss get hit. This will trigger P2. During P1 Healers should dispel Disrupting Shadows.
P2 - Everyone stack on boss, throw all CD and dps him hard while the healers heal the raid hard.

Things you could do to make this easier for a pug:
1) Mark where the tank, ranged and melee should be with world marks.
2) I've succeded in doing the ball bounce thing between a tank and an offtank. So I think you should be able to singlehandedly do that as an off tank, or even as a plate user.
3) Help dispel if you can.
4) When P2 start, spam a /rw STACK ON BOSS!!! for all the non DBM users, spamming a /rw GET BACK TO POSITIONS! afterwards.

Ok, this is the pug wiper. It is a gear check boss, so keep this in mind if you're constantly wiping. It also requires a decent raid leader IMHO as the level of coordination needed can't be achieved by simply expecting people to apply tactics by themselves. Last but not least, the normal version of the encounter uses a different priority for adds, so you'll see people asking for a different priority, which just don't work in the LFR.

The boss starts as a tank and spank, then it summons 3 adds. You can kill only one of those adds, and this must be done following a colour priority: purple > yellow > black > red. After the adds get to the boss, you have to act accordingly to what adds were left after you killed one:

If a YELLOW and a BLACK were left, all stack and heal thru high damage.
If a YELLOW and other colour were left, all spread out.
If a BLACK (and a non yellow) is active, all stack and AOE adds.
If a RED is active all stack on boss.
if a BLUE is active, all DPS immediately the Mana Void as soon as it spawns.

Things you could do to make this easier for a pug:
You need to lead this encounter using raid warnings. DBM just gives you the colour of the oozes spawning, so you can't expect people to kill the right one and or stack / spread accordingly. Basically you need two/three RW at each cycle:
a) Call the ooze to kill based on the priority given above
b) Call for spread and/or stack accordingly to the guidelines above
c) Call for all dps to kill the mana void as soon as it spawns if a blue ooze was around
All three things must be done correctly, but b) can be probably survived thru if some people don't follow guidelines given. c) is a killer though, you really need that to go down asap, or your raid will die cause healers will be left with no mana in no time.

I don't think there's much more you can do to kill him. If you have a good raid leader, or if you can lead, it's quite easy. If not, it gets messy in no time.

If you have got so far, it's just a matter of time before you kill Hagara too, as your pug has already survived the test of coordination that is Yor'Sajh.

This encounter has a main phase alternating with an ice phase and a storm phase. You'll get a main, then a storm/ice then a main, then an ice/storm (whatever you didn't get last time) and so on.

During the main phase it's basically tank and spank. The offtank should taunt and kite Hagara away from everyone on Focused Assault, but I've had this healed thru, so it's not really relevant. When you see blue lines with ice lances going to the boss, healers / ranged should get in the middle of the blue lines to intercept those.

During the ice phase, you have to kill 4 crystals around the platform. There are some ice walls rotating on the platform, you have to move with them as they kill you if they touch you. They have been recently hotfixed to go slower than when I did this, and they were pretty much manageable already, so they should really be no problem.

During the storm phase, you have to kill an add near a Crystal Conductor, then the crystal will spawn chain lightning. People hould form a line to next conductor, light that up, then form another line to next conductor and so on til 4 of them have been lighted up. If you fail to do a chain, after a while another add will spawn and you need to kill that to restart the lightning cycle.

Things you could do to make this easier for a pug:
1) In main phase, if you're ranged or healer be one of those that stops the ice lances. Not much more you can do in this phase, it's really straightforward.
2) Storm Phase is the only "difficult" phase, not because it is of any difficulty, but because the "form a line" mechanic is unique to this fight, so you'll see people running around, stacking, etc. Just /rw them to death if they are not doing this correctly.

And that's it! My experience with the LFR was that on my first try I got into a fail group at third boss, and they weren't listening to the priority given (they were using the normal dragon soul priority, that has green instead of yellow, and works differently in the "execution" phase too). So I've got into a new raid group and we were able to one shot everything but the last boss, which was killed in our second try after a 5% hp left first try, and this by simply using the tactics above (you can find those online in copy and paste format too!) and some /rw macroes, so it's definitely doable in a PUG as long as you get people to listen. I'll be doing this probably on Saturday morning btw, so if you want to join me, I'll be there!

Good luck mates!
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