Dragon Soul Normal Tactics

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Dragon Soul Normal Tactics

#1 Post by Kelodur » Fri Dec 09, 2011 7:04 pm


2 phase alternates during the fight, the "Crystal Phase" and the "Blood Phase".

During the Crystal Phase, all the raid has to stay within 25 yds to Morchok, cause he does an attack (Stomp) that does damage split between all people withing that range. The two closes person take double damage, so melee should stay just inside melee range and tanks should stay the nearest possible to him.

He also summons a Resonating Crystal every 15 seconds. Three designated players must run and stack over the crystal before it explodes. If all 3 are there, it will deal negligible damage to them.

He has a debuff applied on tanks called crush armor, so tanks should swap boss on every 4th debuff as soon as their previous debuff expires.

After 60 seconds, the blood phase starts. He summons everyone to him, then some rock spikes fall into the ground and he starts spilling black blood on the ground. As soon as we're summones, we need to all run around and behind the spikes and hide there til the end of the phase.

Then we get all back in, rinse, repeat, loot. Note that at 20% he gets buffed, so this is the best time for heroism.


This is a very unique fight, as it involves players bouncing a ball between them.

P1 is the ping pong phase: during this phase the tank should face away the boss from the raid at all times (due to a cone breath attack), melee should stand behind the boss all stacked up, and ranged should stay all stacked up a little bit behind melees. A few seconds after being engaged, the boss will summon a ball of purple energy. All the ranged should move and position themselves so to intercept the ball. The ball will travel back in the opposite direction after hitting anyone, so use some billiards geometry there :D. The ball does a lot of damage distributed between all people near the hit, so it should always hit by a full stack of persons.

After each hit the ball does more and more damage, and in addition to that, the more time passes the boss becomes more and more powerful. To reset that, after a while the melees will have to move away and let the ball hit the boss. This will reset all the buff stacks on the boss, debuff the boss for 5% dmg taken for each hit of the ball in the previous phase and trigger P2. The right timing to do so is around after 60 seconds of the ball spawning, as P2 lasts 30 seconds, and the ball summon has a 90 secs cooldown, and you want to have a ball up in ping pong phase as soon as it starts. Never ever this should last more than 90 seconds or the debuffs placed by the ball on the boss will expire. Since the ball does more and more damage the more it is hit, we'll also need to check how much damage we're getting at each hit to avoid wiping to a much too powerful ball.

During P1, he also does a debuff on random players called Disrupting Shadows that does a lot of shadow damage. This has to be dispelled, but healers should take in consideration 2 things: a) when dispelled it will roughly deal around 60k damage to the target and b) when dispelled it will knockback the target. So basically you have to ensure the targeted player has enough health to survive the dispell, and if a ball is near you have to ensure that he has enough life to survive the ball hit and / or that the knockback doesn't send him flying into the ball alone. We will probably need a dedicated dispeller for this.

After the ball hits him, the black phase starts. This lasts for 30 seconds, everyone should hug the boss as he does more damage the more far you are, and should dps him to death as he will be debuffed by the ball hit. This is also a very intense healing phase so healers drop CDs too and everyone help with defensive CDs.

Rinse, repeat, loot.

Just one note on the pull and the subsequent ball spawn. The ball is spawned randomly among where the player are, so before the ball is spawned the tank should be on the side of the melee, and rotate the boss so that his back faces the melee only after the ball spawn. He should not stack on the melee in the event of a breath attack coming before the ball summon.


Another two phase fight, this is a really straightforward fight if people do what is asked them to do.

The fight starts as a tank and spank. After a while the boss will summon three differently coloured oozes. The raid leader will call for one to be killed, and all DPS should go there and kill that ASAP. There are different approaches to this fight, but I think the best priority approach on choosing the one to kill is Purple > green > yellow > black. This will be called on raid warning.

After the one ooze is dead, and the other two have reached the boss, we will need to act accordingly the two oozes that remained.

A purple should never be left standing.

If a green reaches him, we need to spread more than 4 yds from everybody else.

If a yellow reaches him, we need to spread. Tanks will get more damage too.

If a black reaches him, he will summon a lot of adds, we should then all stack on boss and aoe the adds.

On a red, he does an attack that does more damage the more we stand away from him, so we should all stack on boss.

On a blue, he will summon after a few seconds a blue mana void, that drains all the mana of the raid, and should be DPSed asap. As soon as it dies it will return full mana to everyone.

It is all very straightforward but for a couple of combinations:

In case we have a green + red / black, we should all get around boss and carefully stay more than 4 yds away from each other.

In case of a yellow + red / black, forget the spread, throw the CD and heal thru the yellow damage.

Note: Not all combinations of oozes are possible, so I'm not even sure we will be facing the two special cases I've mentioned.

After a while, he summons more oozes, the previous effects finish and we get one more ooze. Rinse, repeat, loot.


This encounter has a main phase alternating with an ice phase and a storm phase. You'll get a main, then a storm/ice then a main, then an ice/storm (whatever you didn't get last time) and so on. Before the pull, we can know which phase will come first by looking at the magical effect on Hagara's weapon. After each ice and storm phase, Hagara will be stunned for some time, so DPS her hard during that time.

Main Phase:

Hagara should be tanked in the middle. Every 15 seconds she casts Focused Assault: the tank should get away from her ASAP (without turning his back to her, obviously) to avoid the damage. She stands stills when she cast that, so just avoid the damage and then run back in.

Right before or after that, she casts shattered ice, which does 78k ice damage on a random party member, so healers take care in keeping people over 80k.

She also casts Ice Lance: when she does that you see blue lines with ice lances going to the boss, healers / ranged should get in the middle of the blue lines to intercept those ASAP, as they can do a lot of AOE damage on the melee if they get to Hagara.

Once per main phase she also casts Ice Tomb (this is not in the LFR). One player gets frozen in an Ice Tomb and must be freed ASAP by dpsing the ice block.

Ice phase:

During the ice phase, you have to kill 4 crystals around the platform. There are some ice walls rotating on the platform, you have to move with them as they kill you if they touch you. In addition to this there are some icicles dropping on the platform that you should avoid (this is not in the LFR either). They use the usual blue circle warning on the ground as they did, in example, in the wotlk dungeons. Just avoid everything and when you can, dps the crystals.

Storm phase:

During the storm phase, you have to kill an add near a Crystal Conductor, then the crystal will spawn chain lightning. People hould form a line to next conductor, light that up, then form another line to next conductor and so on til 4 of them have been lighted up. If you fail to do a chain, in normal difficulty its a wipe. During the phase everybody gets more and more stacks of a debuff that does lightning damage, so we need to be quick, or be dead.
Two notes on the debuff:
1) Mages, rogues and pallys can clear the debuff using ice block, cloak of shadows and divine shield respectively. When you see you're getting much damage, just do that to help your fellow healers.
2) Damage from lightning is Nature based, so hunters cast that Aspect of the Wild for us!

Rinse, repeat, loot.


Ultraxion is the DS true gear check and, well, we're not prepared :D. It has very strightforward mechanics, expecially for DPS, so you have just to concentrate and give the max dps you can.
Preliminary note on Ultra: to maximize DPS all dps should use a dps potion just before the fight, and one during the fight. This is extimated to give you a 2-3k boost in dps, which is a must on Ultra, since it requires an average DPS of 26k with 5 dps.
Second preliminary note: ppl struggling to reach the DPS to kill Ultra, have solved their problem by having only 2 healers and 6 dps. The healers need to be pretty good, but it can be consistently downed using that setup IF nobody ever messes up the button click (see tactics). I've also read the alternative of having a discipline priest (with an atonement build) dpsing for the first part of the fight, then switching to healing after he gets a blue buff (see tactics), but I don't know the Priest class enough to understand what I've read and tell you if that is something that can work for us.

Ultraxion calls you in the twilight realm at start of the fight, and you need to exit the realm when he casts 2 abilities. To do that you have to use a big purple button you have just above your abilities bars. If you don't see the button or want to use an hotkey to click on it, use the following macro: /click ExtraActionButton1

Ultraxion does more and more damage the more the fight goes on, since he casts an ability (unstable monstrousity) that does a lot of damage to everyone more and more frequently the more time passes. At 5 minutes, it casts it once per second, which is a sort of soft enrage, but due to buff coming from the aspects, you can actually die and live again so you can continue to possibly 6 minutes, which is the hard enrage for the encounter.

The whole raid stacks in the same place for all the fight. If nobody is in melee range at any time of the fight, it's an instant wipe.

He casts the following abilities:

1) Hour of twilight: when he casts this, everybody should clear the button BUT for one person, usually the tank. If everybody clicks the button, it's a wipe. The tank must soak 300k unresistable shadow damage; since he's given by Thrall at start of the fight the ability to cast his defensive CD twice as fast and with double the effectiveness, it's doable. Based on our raid composition, we may want to have other people soak the damage too to ease healing. I'll recap here all the possibilities we have to soak it:

Tanks using defensive cooldowns:
Death Knights using a combination of Vampiric Blood, Anti-Magic Shell, Icebound Fortitude and Bone Shield;
Druids using a combination of Survival Instincts, Barkskin and Frenzied Regeneration;
Paladins using Ardent Defender, Guardian of Ancient Kings or Divine Protection;
Warriors using Shield Wall or Last Stand.

Non-tank Death Knights using Anti-Magic Shell and Icebound Fortitude (or Anti-Magic Zone for Unholy);
Non-tank Druids using Survival Instincts and Barkskin
Non-tank pallies using Divine Protection or Divine Shield
Non-tank Warriors using Shield Wall;

Shadow Priests using Dispersion;

Mages using Ice Block and Fire Mages, thanks to Cauterize;

Hunters using Deterrence;

Rogues using Feint and Cloak of Shadows;

Holy Priests using Guardian Spirit on any player.

From the list of class that can do it, we may have better success if we just rotate people in soaking that, expecially if we only use 2 healers. Ultraxion will cast it 7 times during the whole fight, so we need to plan a 7 people rotation to counter it.

2) Fading Light: this is casted on both a tank AND a random player in the raid (this is different from LFR). This has a random cast time between 5 and 10 secs. As soon as there are less than 5 secs remaining in the casting bar, both the tank and the random should click the button. The other tank has to taunt the boss as soon as it starts casting this. After the ability is cast the first tank won't be able to taunt the boss for 10 secs, so it's better to switch at each cast.

3) During the fight, the aspects will summon a red, green or blue crystal (one every 1.5 minutes, more or less). These should be used by the healers as they buff healing:

Red gives +100% healing
Green gives +100% to direct healing and distributes that among all people in the raid
Blue gives +100% spell haste and all healing spell cost 25% of their original mana cost.

We will assign each healer to get one based on who's there. Red is most useful for Restoration Druids, Restoration Shamans and Holy Priests. Green should be given to the top hps healer that hasn't got a red. Blue should be used by the last healer.

At 5 minutes into the fight, we get a "Timeloop" buff, which allows every single raid member to die once. That raid member gets revived with full health, allowing us to go over the soft enrage for a while.

Heroism should be cast well into the encounter just after an hour of twilight, so we all have 40 secs of dps without interruption and healers get the full benefit of heroism too.

Warmaster Blackhorn

This is a 2 phase fight. The two phases are completely different and don't share any mechanic or ability, so it's actually kinda like doing two fights in one.

P1 is an add fight where we have to protect the flying ship from damage while fighting some adds dropped by twilight drakes. There is a life bar for the ship not dissimilar from the one used in the ICC ship battle, and if it reaches zero before we get to P2 it's a wipe. There is no ship damage in P2. After we survive the third wave of adds P1 ends.

There are 4 types of adds:
1,2) Slayers and Dreadblades are big adds that should be tanked by the two tanks. There is one add of each type per wave. They have two abilities: 
A) Blade Rush is a charge to a random member of the raid (not present in LFR). People in the path of charge should get away from it.
B) Degeneration (cast by dreadblades) and Brutal Strike (cast by slayers) are very similar: they do damage (degeneration does also cone effect aoe damage) and debuff the tanks. To allow the stacks of debuff to expire, the tanks should switch the add they tank in between waves: i.e. The tank that gets the slayer on first wave should get the dreadblades in second wave. Also the tank getting the dreadblade should face it away from raid at all times to avoid the aoe damage.
3) Twilight drakes are harpooned and reeled in by npcs. Ranged DPS should kill them when they are in range. They have one ability that damages the ship that is explained below.
4) Twilight sappers are highest priority target that have no aggro table and just run to the back of the ship. If they reach it they explode for tons of damage to the ship. They can and should be slowed with ice patches, and they can be gripped with the dk ability too.

Adds priority runs as follow:
1) sappers
2) drakes (for ranged dps)
3) dreadblade / slayer
4) slayer / dreadblade

The first big add should be killed before starting to dps the second one, so respect the skull / red cross assignment there.

In addition to adds there are two ship damaging abilities that the raid should deal with:
A) Twilight Barrage is cast by the twilight drakes and is more frequent the more drakes are alive. Its a small AOE that does 100k damage to the ship. 2 person should get into it as soon as it spawn to soak the damage (which will be distributed between the two persons).
B) Twilight Onslaught is a big AOE cast from Goriona (big drake flying around) and does tons of damage divided evenly between the players and the ship. All the raid has to get in the big area and soak it all the times.

After third wave the boss lands on the ship, and P2 starts (clear any remaining add at this point).

During P2 there are two bosses to kill: warmaster Blackhorn (big orc that lands in the ship) and Goriona, who is still flying over the ship. Ranged DPS should concentrate on killing Goriona (she actually leaves the fight at 25% hp), and then switch to boss.

The only ability used by Goriona while she's there is that she covers parts of the ship in twilight flames. Get out of shit, and live.

Blackhorn should be tanked in the middle of the ship and has 4 abilities:
A) Vengeance makes him stronger the more hp he has lost, acting as a soft enrage mechanic.
B) Devastate is a sunder armor effect; tanks should switch at 2 stacks of devastate.
C) Disrupting roar does raid wide damage, and silences all ppl within 10 yds of blackhorn. So just stay more than 10 yds from him if you can.
D) shockwave is a big cone attack that does tons of damage and stuns people in the cone. Blackhorn will face a random party member before using the attack, and the AOE has a pretty obvious visual effect. So stay spread out, and get out of shit when its the case.

So, resuming P2: spread out, stay more than 10 yds from blackhorn, kill goriona asap if you're ranged, stay out of flames, and if you see the floor of the ship rumbling, run like hell outside of the cone of effect of shockwave.

Kill, loot, and keep your parachutes ready!
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Re: Dragon Soul Normal Tactics

#2 Post by Kelodur » Sun Dec 11, 2011 8:10 pm

Minor edit on Morchok: it looks like the Crystal has to be soaked up by three assigned players, just like on LFR, not the three that have a beam pointing to them (the beams just indicate the three persons that would be affected if the crystal was exploding at that time).
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Re: Dragon Soul Normal Tactics

#3 Post by Kelodur » Sun Dec 18, 2011 2:06 pm

Added Hagara and Ultraxion tactics.
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Re: Dragon Soul Normal Tactics

#4 Post by Beouffur » Mon Dec 19, 2011 7:04 pm

Ok, easy. I'm expecting 9 bosses down tonight.
If not, I'm quite sure I'll blame the tactics writer.
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Re: Dragon Soul Normal Tactics

#5 Post by Beouffur » Thu Feb 09, 2012 7:19 pm

Ok, my 2 c:
1 - Kel, move you a*** and write tactics for lootship and the rest!
2 - u sure we can die once in Timeloop phase (Ultraxion)?
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Re: Dragon Soul Normal Tactics

#6 Post by Kelodur » Thu Feb 09, 2012 9:12 pm

Beouffur wrote:Ok, my 2 c:
1 - Kel, move you a*** and write tactics for lootship and the rest!
2 - u sure we can die once in Timeloop phase (Ultraxion)?
About 2, yes, I'm sure; when you die you instantly get a full health bar instead of, well, dying and you lose the timeloop buff. I've checked the logs and the "strange wipes" we had at 7th hour of twilight at around 2% were caused by no people being there when he casted Hour of Twilight, probably cause we had lost the tanks at that moment or something like that.

About 1, I'm doing it. It will be ready by tomorrow night I guess.
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Re: Dragon Soul Normal Tactics

#7 Post by Beouffur » Fri Feb 10, 2012 4:59 pm

Ok, tu.
And, in order to be even clearer: in the early morning, you can either a - sleep, or b - write tactics. Please note how there isn't an option c - phone your friends.
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Re: Dragon Soul Normal Tactics

#8 Post by Cylonora » Sat Feb 11, 2012 9:00 pm

yes I agree with beo, time for lootship and the rest.

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Re: Dragon Soul Normal Tactics

#9 Post by Kelodur » Sun Feb 12, 2012 7:36 am

Added Warmaster Blackhorn to the tactics section.

Beo and Cylo feel free to contribute with the remaining tactics if you want to see them done faster ;-).

Jokes aside, I'm sorry I couldn't finish them earlier, but I've got wife and kid sick AGAIN.
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Re: Dragon Soul Normal Tactics

#10 Post by Celellach » Sat Feb 18, 2012 1:31 pm

I think that for the ship boss, we need to designate people into teams of 2 to different parts of the ship. Yes, i know the fight makes people move around, but if we leave the voids up to "whoever is near" we will keep wiping.

Its easier to place range healers and dps as they have less to move from/to so even if only those groups, thats about 2-3 groups that can get the small voids.

Other than that, we just need to make sure we do it better..
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