Dragon Soul Normal Tactics

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Re: Dragon Soul Normal Tactics

#11 Post by Kelodur » Sat Feb 18, 2012 6:33 pm

Celellach wrote:I think that for the ship boss, we need to designate people into teams of 2 to different parts of the ship. Yes, i know the fight makes people move around, but if we leave the voids up to "whoever is near" we will keep wiping.
I don't think that was the real problem which IMHO were a) sappers and b) not killing the big adds in time, but we can try that still while learning the fight.

To give some ideas of the damage each ability does:

Ship has 4.6M hp.

Sappers do 920k dmg to ship if they reach the back of the ship.

Small AOEs that are not soaked by at least somebody do 140k dmg to ship.

Big AOEs do 800k among all targets, so
if noone stands there, ship takes 800k
if 1 stands there, ship takes 400k
2 -> 266k dmg
3 -> 200k dmg
4 -> 160k dmg
5 -> 133k dmg
6 -> 114k dmg
7 -> 100k dmg
8 -> 88k dmg
9 -> 80k dmg
10 -> 72k dmg

We get a sapper after 70 secs, and 40 secs after that, and we get a twilight onslaught every 35 seconds, with the first after 48 secs from start. That means on average we can expect to get 6 sappers and 8 onslaughts. Soaking the latter with at least 8 ppl means only a small fraction of the ship hp will be lost to that one (15% or so), and provided that any sappers reaching the end of the ship (20% dmg for each one), we have to get the ship hit by 33 small ones to kill the ship. So if we do the adds + onslaught + sappers flawlessly, we should be able to do it without any other problems from small AOEs, as long as we don't run away from them :D.
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