Guild Bank Cleanup, and items to use in the bank!

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Guild Bank Cleanup, and items to use in the bank!

#1 Post by Kelodur » Tue Aug 14, 2012 2:22 am

Hello everyone!

With Pandaria nearing, we've proceeded with a cleanup of old stuff in our guild bank. All old items with an item level < 359 have been vendored. Old potions and some other stuff here and there has been vendored too. All the money obviously then went to the guild bank.

We still have a lot of epic gems in the bank, many high leveled items (including a pair of ilvl 397 items), a bunch of essences of destruction, and several lvl 525 recipes. Since all this stuff will soon completely lose its value, please consider using it to gear up your char for the incoming warmup raids. I will be auctioning the remaining items in a couple of weeks.

There are also a TON of unused recipe scrolls from old content. Please browse the content and see if there is anything you need there, as I'll be vendoring / auctioning this stuff soon too if no one uses it.

Cya in Panda-land!
The Kel
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