MOP - Moshu'gan Vaults - (Not so) Condensed Tactics.

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MOP - Moshu'gan Vaults - (Not so) Condensed Tactics.

#1 Post by Kelodur » Sat Jan 19, 2013 1:15 pm

As written in the raiding post, we're now officially referring to as THE source for our tactics. Their tactics are very well written, detailed, explains the fight in detail for each role, and basically what we could post here would just be a rewarding of what you can find there.

Instead of that, I'm posting here some condensed tactics to be used as a reference and as a refresher before the fight. Hope you'll find them useful.

Edit: condensed tactics sounded like a good idea, but these encounters are quite complex. I'm sticking to a semi condensed format for now :D.

Moshu'gan Vaults

The Stone Guard

Single phase fight; council encounter, 4 possible bosses, 3 randomly chosen bosses will be active each raid lock. Shared health pool, so you can freely damage them all.

Each boss has an energy bar that gets filled if it is 12 yds of another boss. If the bar gets full, the boss will cast a raid wide wipe ability. We need however to have the boss stay near each other, cause they get 90% less dmg if they are more than 12 yds from another.

Basic mechanic: 1 of the bosses will start casting "Jasper / Jade / Amethist / Cobalt Petrification". We need to have this boss fill his energy bar, as the petrification gives 90% dmg reduction from that boss abilities, while we switch the other two bosses in staying close to this one. As he casts his overload ability, another will start casting petrification, so we can concentrate on next one and so on.

Tanks: stay in two spots more than 12 yds apart. The boss casting petrification will have another boss near at all times, and we will have to taunt and switch position of this boss with the other more than 12 yds apart around every 20 secs to avoid them triggering their overload ability before the boss actually casting petrification.

DPS: always DPS the place where 2 bosses are. Use cleave ability as both bosses will take full damage.

Healers: nothing special to know.

Abilities to avoid:

Amethist boss casts purple pools on the ground. Get out of shit.

Cobalt boss casts cobalt mines on players. You have 3 secs to get away from the mine. If you get near it will explode, doing damage and rooting all people within 7 yds. To clear the place, when the cobalt boss is casting petrification, we can have someone use a bubble like ability and run over the place getting them to explode.

Jade does raid wide damage on regular interval of times. Nothing to avoid, healer just heal.

Jasper casts chains. The people chained must stay within 10 yds thru the fight. 3 chains maximum can be up at the same time. If a melee and a ranged get chained together, they can break the link by staying more than 10 yds during a Jasper Petrification (to avoid getting tons of damage).
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Re: MOP - Moshu'gan Vaults - Condensed Tactics.

#2 Post by Kelodur » Sat Jan 19, 2013 1:40 pm

Feng the Accursed.

Three phases fight.

It does random raid damage at regular intervals for the whole fight.

There are two crystals in the room that give tanks two different buffs: Nullification Barrier, that can be used to shield the raid from magical damage, and Shroud of Reversal, that can be used to mimic the first spell cast against the tank and cast it back at the boss. Usage of this is explained below for each phase.

Tanks: In each phase it does put a different debuff on tank (Lighting Lash, Flaming Spear, Arcane Shock), and tanks should tank switch when it gets to 2 stacks on current tank.

Phase 1 (from 5 secs after start to 66% health):

Tank the boss near the statue he goes at the beginning of phase. Raid will stay on side or behind boss at all times.

2 Abilities: epicenter (earthquake that does more damage the more you're near the boss) and lightning fist (does damage and stuns in a cone in front of the boss, easily avoided if you position as above).

To deal with epicenter, tanks should do as follows:

Tank gets Shroud of Reversal
Tank gets hit by lightning fist
When boss casts epicenter, tank mimics lightning fist, stunning the boss

If for any reason tank can't get the lightning fist mimicked, it should do a /rw saying so after lightning fist, so that when boss casts epicenter, the other tank will use Nullification Barrier and the whole raid stack on him (can't do this on every cast of epicenter due to cooldowns).

Phase 2 (from 66% to 33%):

Boss runs in front of another statue, tank him there.

Boss casts wildfire sparks, if you're targeted, you run to a designated place in the room, not touching anyone and dropping flames in your wake.

When boss casts draw fire, all the flames you dropped run to the boss doing damage. Since all of the should be in a place in the room, make sure you're not in their trajectory as they do lots of damage. When he finish casting the ability, the more fires have reached him, the more raid wide damage he does. Healers beware.

On the last draw fire before phase 3 (and possibly on the second one on P2 too), tanks should cast nullification barrier on the boss to prevent him from using the ability.

Phase 3 (33% to end of fight):

Melee and tanks on the boss near the statue where he goes.

Ranged and healers spread around the boss more than 6 yds. The boss casts arcane resonance debuff doing damage to the member of the raid it's cast on and all members within 6 yds.

When boss casts arcane velocity (channeled), all people stack on him, but the one with the arcane resonance debuff up (if debuff expires while he channels, stack on the boss asap). Please note that if Arcane Resonance is not on cooldown (check the timers of your DBM) when velocity ends, the boss will immediately cast it and possibly wipe the raid to massive damage. So if Arcane Resonance is off CD, unstack from the boss and spread around him before velocity channel ends.

Defensive cooldowns are a must. And yes, this encounters reads like a nightmare for healers.
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Re: MOP - Moshu'gan Vaults - (Not so) Condensed Tactics.

#3 Post by Kelodur » Fri Jan 25, 2013 4:12 pm

So, probably there's an even easier way to do the Stone Guards taunts.

At fight start, make sure you have the beamed one coupled with one other statue.

The tank with a single statue taunts the beamed one at 50 energy.

When the beamed one reaches 100 energy, you will have more or less this situation:

The one that was beamed 0 energy (as it exploded)
Statue near beamed 50 energy
Statue away from beamed 50 energy

After this beginning and from now on there are two cases:

The next beamed one has another statue near: tanks do nothing

The next beamed one is currently solo tanked: the tank solo tanking taunts the one that just exploded (i.e. the one with 0 energy).

Rinse and repeat til the end of the fight. I've written a small algorythm to test it, and it should never fail.
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Re: MOP - Moshu'gan Vaults - (Not so) Condensed Tactics.

#4 Post by northwestdakota » Fri Jan 25, 2013 6:22 pm

Kelodur wrote:and it should never fail.
Looking forward to next week!
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