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Re: Legion Mythic progression!

Posted: Tue Nov 15, 2016 12:26 pm
by Kelodur

Last night was special, not because of the run per se, but because we finally managed to have a full guild party in a Mythic night! In addition to the usual suspects (me, Rey, Tak and the Boss), Ziggy joined us on her (slightly undergeared) Demon Hunter in our quest for guild mythic achievements!

First we went back to Halls of Valor, to help Ziggy get attuned for Karazhan, and possibly to see if we could beat our record for "worst pull ever". At first boss it was already clear that 1) we overgear the place by now and 2) Tak can't stay alive on that boss no matter what gear he has. Ziggy was probably at her first mythic, and she needed to relearn stuff that we used to do a long time ago (like moving, positioning, getting out of bad stuff) that wasn't needed in heroic anymore since Cata. Still it felt refreshing to have somebody re-learning the ropes, and getting geared, and getting to progress in the content along with us. It felt like we were again a guild, and that we had again a collective objective to pursue. The run went well, and we had our share of wipes on last boss, mostly due to our inability of focusing on adds when needed, but it was cool. And the worst pull ever? Well, we didn't die this time, but we managed to complicate stuff even more than last time on that* set of stairs. As Tak said: never underestimate our ability to overpull stuff.

As our second destination, we went to Maw of Souls for our first Mythic +2! I love Maw, it's a fast dungeon with a nice set of bosses, and trash that it's actually manageable. Doing this on +2 (which means: 1) more health and damage on mobs and 2) you have a set limit of time and a minimum amount of trash you have to kill) with Ziggy was a little bit of a stretch, as we knew her DPS was limited by her current gear, but since as long as you finish it you get bonus high level gear, it was worth a try. It turned out to be quite a good run, and I think we did quite well until the last part of the dungeon. On +2 you have to pull more mobs together to leverage AOEs more, and you need to be more sharp on tactics execution to avoid deaths on boss fights. I think me and Reyes managed quite well the amount of mobs pulled and the usage of cooldowns, and the DPS was quite enough to clear stuff in time. As we faced the last corridor though, I pulled two groups that included two healers at the same time, and we couldn't clear the pack as those two were healing stuff faster than we could damage it. We should have probably CCed one and killed the other with priority, my bad there for not setting up the pull in the right way. Clearing that corridor took some deaths and too much time, and we arrived at last boss with no chance of completing the dungeon in time.

Last boss was quite a challenge too, as we struggled to finish phase 1 in time due to a lack of DPS that was more evident there as we had 2 melee, and we had some problems in clearing all the tentacles before the next set of them spawned. On our third try (IIRC) we managed to barely pass P1 just as one of the unmeleed tentacles started to kill everyone around, and got to P2 or "stand in the wrong place and die" phase with Ziggy dying. Since it's a phase that requires movement, looking at the boss to understand where to move to, and doesn't have tons of adds to barrage down, Tak did a Tak and died at the boss second one shot attack (using Feign Death on first one :D), and me, Shin and Reyes were left to carry the Renegades colours. Living up to my previous boast of "we can't wipe til I say so" we managed to kill her just as we were desperately low on mana and life. A last split second (here, here, Troy! :D) victory for the mates, and a new double achievement: first victory on Maw, and first +2 completed (even if past time limit).

It was really great to have a full team again, and I'm quite happy Ziggy joined us, it was quite nice to have again someone to help and that made us feel Renegades fighting to spread the love again! Thanks everyone for coming yesterday, you're really making this game special again!

Highlight of the night: I think the chat when we started was the most funny example of non-sense conversation we had in a long time. I was literally laughing out loud at my place. That, and Tak asking why Shin was not coming when Rougster was already in the party. We're the most achieving rag tag band of idiots I've ever known.

Re: Legion Mythic progression!

Posted: Tue Nov 15, 2016 4:42 pm
by northwestdakota
Nice write up Kel. It was good to go guild only and all things considered i'm happy with our efforts on the plus 2. I certainly believe we do well enough in Kara.

Re: Legion Mythic progression!

Posted: Mon Nov 21, 2016 12:36 pm
by Revolver
Looking forward to the Kara write-up, but these things need pictures please!

Re: Legion Mythic progression!

Posted: Tue Mar 07, 2017 10:31 am
by Kelodur
We're BACK! And we went to KARAZHAN!

I was on tanking duties with the one and only Kel, Rey stepped on the healing role with his new (?) priest Anathema, and dps was covered by Shin on his tiny Rouge, Tak on the mighty Takrill himself, and Ziggy on the inventively named hunter Zigzy. TEAM! With two hunters! Random pulls everywhere incoming! BARRAGE TIME!

The night was quite long (around 2:45), and we had a rough start. We couldn't enter all together as Ziggy was missing part of the questline, so the rest of us went in to clear the first part of the trash and... BLAM! We wiped on our second pull. And I even managed to die to the same exact mechanic I warned others to avoid. First lesson in Karazhan was learned though... this is as old styled as it can be: trash can and will be lethal, accidental chain pulls are easy to trigger and quite complicated to deal with and, just in Karazhan-style, there's a TON-o-trash to clear.

But, eventually we made it thru the trash, and thru Reyes disconnections (that would have plagued his pc for the whole night - even if I don't recall a single instance when we died to them, luckily), to get to the first boss, the Opera! We went up Westfall Story, a 3 phase fight with two different bosses, several adds and a bunch of movement and interrupt mechanics to follow. If it sounds complicated... it is. The encounters in Kara are more complicated than your average raid encounter, and if you ignore any of the mechanic, you simply die to most of them. Took us 3-4 tries to nail this down, but it was a good encounter to get the rust off our wow-senses and our wasd keys, and the final try was quite solid, even with one death on the team. You could feel the stress from the healing on Reyes comments afterwards though, which reminds me that I didn't thank him enough for taking the healing spot in my place. Yes, tanking feels far less like you're trying to stop the end of the world from happening. So: thanks Rey.

The route to maiden saw our first chain pulls, and Rey discovered he could be as good as the hunters at pulling unintended stuff. But, it was fun, and we kept ourselves on the edge of the chair for what was the longest trash of the night. Maiden is an encounter that needs some positioning from every member of the group, both to soak AOE debuffs that stay on the floor and to get a debuff to avoid getting stunned by one of her mechanics. It took us 2 tries, and we didn't really do the best job at her, but since I first tried it, she was toned down a little and she didn't feel as deadly when the AOE damage kicked in and the burn phase started. Highlight of the encounter was the moment when we were just about to die to her "wipe them out, all of them" attack, only to finally destroy her shield (even while rouge was taking a tea after getting stunned) and get an interrupt with less than 1 second remaining on the timer as Rey wrote in chat "And here we go again" or something like that. Felt genuinely epic.

Moroes next, and this was definitely a step up in difficulty. Moroes is a rogue that makes shit ton of damage to everybody, in addition to leaving a bleed debuff you can't clear in any way, and he has 4 randomly chosen mobs with him with a different special ability each. You can CC them using some traps that you can throw at them, but you need to have at least one free or Moroes gets angry and kills you. We messed up in several small ways in this encounter, not being super hot at throwing the initial traps (we need you to get that dbm for the countdown, boss!), or at respecting cc (I did a fantastic avenger shield hitting all the CCed ones and missing anybody that wasn't under CC once, epic fail), or at dealing with one of the adds that was whirlwinding all over the place, or to deal enough DPS to Moroes before he just killed everybody. We proggressed steadily though, and we got him in one final try that saw everybody but me and zigzy fall down as he had around 18M Hp and we surviving thru the last part of the fight for an almost unbelievable photofinish victory. Hard fight, but nothing can stop us, right?

After getting lost a little cause we are all little bastards that don't trust our boss enough, we arrived to Attumen. The stables saw some of the worst pulling of the evening, and we almost survived all of that, but for when we decided to add Attu to the fight cause it didn't feel epic enough. After we went thru that phase, we tackled the death knight, which is a tricky fight requiring a lot of movement, and with a peculiar dispell mechanic that was perfectly executed by Reyes. It actually felt quite good from the first try, with our deaths coming only from the "moving walls of horses" that one shotted you and you just had to avoid. And guess what: we were quite shit at avoiding them for a couple of tries. In the last try, we lost our healer that never died before to them, and managed to kill Attumen first and Midnight afterwards with myself having around 1% hp remaining and running around the place to kite him. 4 bosses down, and we called it for the night.

The good:
1) Being together again. The team weren't much talkative, as we were all giving 110% to do this, but we enjoyed the moments in between the hard stuff, and just being there, with the team around me, with Shin that tutored me for so long, Reyes that was my point of reference to see how a tank should play, Tak that is quite the special friend to me for reasons too long to explain here, and Ziggy that I don't know much but incarnates the fact that OUR GUILD NEVER DIE... it was oh so special. In a moment in my life where I more often than not feel alone, I spent a night surrounded by old friends.
2) Learning. I haven't seen our DPS but it didn't feel that UBER if Moroes is taken as the reference encounter (not pointing my fingers at anyone, and I might be wrong, so correct me if I am), but I have to say that it was a pleasure to see people learning and adapting to the mechanics so fast. Most encounters are movement heavy, and we won thru them by respecting the mechanics and doing them right. I was genuinely amazed by our performance, expecially when thinking that we were playing together for the first time in a long time.
3) The last split second wins: AREN'T WE EPIC?

The bad:
1) Loot: hey, for all the work we have done, it doesn't really feel like they showered us in loot. I think we got one item per boss, and I'm not even sure we found a user for those items too. Well, well, Blizzard, we need to have a talk.
2) The dead times: between the disconnections, the initial waiting times to get Ziggy ready for the run, and the long runs back to our corpses (poor Tak, he even ressed me a couple of times with his engineering jump cables, but everyone was already running back anyway), there was quite the waiting last night. Well, it actually allowed me to drink my whisky and eat my crumble in a more relaxed fashion, so it's not all for the bad, but still.
3) The composition: come ON! 2 hunters! Nobody wants two hunters in the same party! Actually, no one wants a SINGLE hunter in his party! Just joking, but that we can never ever manage to get 5 different classes to a 5 men run always surprise me.

The ugly:
1) Kel was elected "the most ugly paladin I've ever seen" due to my hate for transmogging and my love for pieces of armor of different colours.
2) Rey was a night elf.
3) Seriously, you can't really have ugly in a night like this.

Re: Legion Mythic progression!

Posted: Tue Mar 07, 2017 12:20 pm
by northwestdakota
As always Kel, a really good write up. Thank you for always doing these.

I had a great time and it was a welcome distraction to what had been a tough day (If anyone knows of a Purchasing job in the south east of England, let me know!) DPS was a little low, but to be fair with new mechanics to learn, it's always the way. As we get more comfortable with the fights, DPS will go up. Also, I don't know about the rest, but it was my first dungeon run for 3-4 months. I thought all in all, we were excellent. The healing and tanking were top notch and the DPS handled movement and mechanics much better than a usual RoF run.

Thanks all for coming :)

Re: Legion Mythic progression!

Posted: Tue Mar 07, 2017 5:28 pm
by Reyes
From my perspective:
Opera: this was not a fun start to the night. So much movement and groupwide damage; not sure how much of it was avoidable. I was struggling to find enough time to stand still to cast heals. For the Wash Away waves, it seemed to help to stand towards one side rather than in the middle; you dodge one wave early and then get in position for the other direction, giving you valuable standing-still time. And then Tony drops a fire tornado on you or a hunter puts you in their AOE circle. :mad:
Maiden: this was pretty straightforward once everyone knew what they were doing. Damage was fairly easy to handle, except for an uninterrupted Holy Shock which took Kelo perilously low; the forced Sacred Ground ticks to break Repentance were not really a problem since she isn't attacking while casting her big nuke. It was just stressful watching that cast bar get so close to completion, with my low DPS and no interrupt...
Moroes: a lot of healing needed for this fight, but the tank is relatively low priority apart from dispelling Coat Check, and the damage is fairly predictable, so it's all about triage. The first add we killed (Dorothea Millstipe) did a mana burn which stunned me for several seconds, would like to know if that is interruptible or not. We did wipe once on him from my DCing (at least when I came back I was dead and everyone was running back); I was alive for the kill though, it wasn't a photo finish at all
Attumen: the main focus was on the dispelling; it was a bit tricky to spot the ghost on people while also dealing with the movement mechanics. I think in future it might be helpful if people can have a macro for if they spot the ghost on themselves. Shared Suffering overlapping with Midnight's AOE was a bit dangerous. Otherwise, damage was fairly reasonable

Re: Legion Mythic progression!

Posted: Sun Oct 01, 2017 3:25 pm
by jeym
So I've ... not been around for awhile ...

Is the guild still going then?! I assumed everyone had left!