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Return to Karazhan

#1 Post by Kelodur » Mon Nov 14, 2016 12:40 pm

So, last week I was sick for a day, and so during the afternoon I went to Karazhan for a recon (as a tank, nonetheless). Spoiler free first impressions:

1) It's AWESOME. You already know Karazhan, so you know it looks and sounds fantastic, and this revised version is as good as it was in TBC.
2) It's not a "boss tube". The place is complex to navigate, and there are several shortcuts available from what I saw. Even if the navigation was "forced" somehow, it doesn't FEELS so, and that's what it counts.
3) It's Karazhan all the way, full nostalgia mode. And that means TONS of trash, and from the first pulls it is clear that this trash needs respect, movement and possibly CC. I didn't find the trash to be as annoying as the one from other places, but that's because it's often so hard that you need to play at your best most of the times. Surely this will get easier with better gear, but it was a > 850 ilvl party already and it was the most difficult stuff I've done in Legion (or in Draenor, or in Mist) for sure.
4) It's a true mini-raid, with the bosses requiring quite complex tactics that stretch what has ever been done in a 5 men context. Mistakes are punished HARD, and you definitely wipe on bosses. Over and over, if you're not ready to do them. To make an old raid comparision, compared to Naxxramas, this is far more difficult. Hey, I feel it's even more difficult than Normal Emerald Nightmare tbh.
5) It's LONG. Even more so if you're doing the crystal quest, that requires additional rooms to be cleared of trash. In around 3 hours we got up to The Curator, and we had to quit there cause we didn't have enough DPS to finish him (actually, I think we could have got him, but just barely). After Curator you get a shortcut, so I think the best way to do it would be to have 2 full 3 hours nights. Again... mini-raid all the way!
6) The in-game dungeon guide is not enough to cover all the bosses mechanics (expecially when positioning is needed), but things not explained there are not so complex, so you can go in blind and learn things on the fly. So feel free to come not prepared. Yeah, like you were thinking of preparing in advance.

I'm really looking forward to our Karazhan runs together. It will be EPIC. So... when?
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