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New TV

Posted: Fri Jun 12, 2015 1:06 pm
by TroyBlade
So, you're sitting there wondering what you are going to watch on tv now that everything has finished.

Wonder no longer, as I bring to you, a summary of EVERYTHING worth checking out. And Scream Queens too.

If you're interested in new comedies, then you will have to look elsewhere I'm afraid. Laughter is not my thing.

So without further ado, here we go:

Out already, or out this week.


Dark Matter

"Game of Thrones in space". AS IF.

Starring - Wesley!

Hype Level: 4.




See Containment below. Except instead of disease, it's some kind of contaminent. The X-Files black goo or something. This is a mini-series.

Starring - Ramsay Bolton and the wildling woman who is with Bran.

Hype Level: 3.



8 people become connected and use each others skills to solve their problems.

Starring - Sayid from Lost. And that guy from lots of things but the only one I remember is Stargate SGU.

Hype Level: 5. This is because I've already watched half of it and it's AMAZING.


C4 (It's British)


I Robot, the TV series.

Starring - some British people.

Hype Level: 3.


Coming this Autumn


Scream Queens

Scream the TV series. Set in a girls' sorority house on campus.

Starring - some hot chicks and Jamie Lee Curtis.

Hype level: 0.


Minority Report

Minority Report the TV series. Set after the events of the film. The pre-crime programme is dead. One of the pre-cogs carries on, with the help of a single detective.

Starring - nobody.

Hype level: 2.



A private pathologist. (Really?) Using his AMAZING skillz and hi-tech gadgetry to solve crimes that the LAPD can't.

Starring - The black guy from the V remake.

Hype level: 1.


The Frankenstein Code

A modern take on the Frankenstein story. Murdered old man gets brought back to life in a new young body. Decides to solve his murder.

Starring - The angry Pacific Rim pilot. Driver. Whatever.

Hype Level: 3.



The devil gets bored in hell and decides to come to LA and open a nightclub and help solve crime, because reasons.

Starring - Tom Ellis? Don't know him..

Hype level: 5.




More DC TV, about, the above.

Starring - Ally McBeal, Lexi Grey and Eggs from True Blood.

Hype Level: 3.



A series about someone using the same drug as in the movie. Or something.

Starring - Debra Morgan, Bradley Cooper (cameo?).

Hype level: 2.


Code Black

Grey's Anatomy in the ER.

Starring - Dana Lewis. That Mexican (or similar) dude from everything.

Hype Level: 1.



Blood and Oil

Dallas for the modern times?

Starring - Don Johnson. And err, nope.

Hype level: 1.


The Catch

Fraud detective gets conned. It's payback time.

Starring - Detective Linden from the (US) Killing.

Hype level: 2. ... 71864.html


Hot kids at the FBI academy.

Starring - lots of people of little note.

Hype level: 3.


Wicked City

LA detectives looking for a serial killer.

Starring - no one I know.

Hype level: 3.


The Family

Politician's son gets kidnapped. Returns 10 years later. She uses that to gain support to run for Govenor. Or something. I don't really understand it.

Starring - Pam Landy from the Bourne films.

Hype level: 1.


Of Kings and Prophets

Rome. But biblical. And in Egypt. Before the Romans.

Starring - Ray Winstone.

Hype Level: 0. (Sounds ok but the trailer looks abysmal)




Girl with no memory teams up with FBI agent to solve crimes by reading the tattoos on her body. Sounds AMAZING.

Starring - the woman from Thor's bunch of mates.

Hype level: 4. Maybe.


The Player

Las Vegas problem solver. Seems a bit like Person of Interest without the prediction element.

Starring - Wesley Snipes and that guy from things.

Hype level: 2.


The CW

Legends of Tomorrow

Arrow\Flash spin-off. Expect many cross-overs. The ATOM, Firestorm, The (now white) Canary (SPOILER!) and Captain Cold and his buddy moving there. Introducing Hawkgirl. Time travel theme.

Starring - All the above.

Hype Level: 4.



Disiease causes apocalypse. Except it doesn't because they actually managed to contain it and quarantine a city. This is the story of inside the quarantine zone. I think.

Starring - not really anyone.

Hype Level: 3.


Re: New TV

Posted: Fri Jun 12, 2015 3:23 pm
by Revolver
AMAZING work, Troy. I've heard great things about Lucifer.

She's not with Bran, by the way. She took his brother off somewhere a couple of series ago, I think. Never to be seen again.

Re: New TV

Posted: Fri Jun 12, 2015 3:36 pm
by TroyBlade
Oh yeah you're right of course.

Yes Lucifer was definitely the one I was most looking forward to.

Sense8 is AMAZING though. Well, sort of.

The over-arching story hasn't been explained at all yet, but I expect it to be garbage.

And the 8 individual stories, well they're fine but there isn't enough time to go very far with any of them.

But if you can appreciate tv just for the characters and occasional decent action, it's already good enough to watch. And the thing which I can't spoil makes for some really interesting scenes.

They do slightly over-use combat skills as the thing which I can't spoil though. They could do with making other things useful.

And they definitely overdo the male nudity..

Re: New TV

Posted: Sun Jun 14, 2015 12:24 pm
by Glombeard
awesome stuff i'll have to read!

Thx TROY. it's just what i needed!

Re: New TV

Posted: Mon Jun 15, 2015 12:04 pm
by Reyes
lucifer looks awful

Re: New TV

Posted: Mon Jun 15, 2015 6:51 pm
by TroyBlade

Re: New TV

Posted: Sun Jul 12, 2015 10:27 pm
by TroyBlade
Just watched the first episode of Mr Robot. It was really good.

No clue about how/where you can watch it in the UK. Or anywhere else..

Re: New TV

Posted: Mon Jul 13, 2015 9:53 am
by Revolver
We watched the first Agent Carter last night. Meh.

Re: New TV

Posted: Mon Jul 13, 2015 11:42 am
by TroyBlade
That's exactly as many as I watched.

It got good reviews and they are making some more, IIRC.

Re: New TV

Posted: Fri Aug 12, 2016 1:15 pm
by TroyBlade
So I realised that I'm pretty late with my new tv preview this year. But before I do that, I thought I'd review last year's preview.

Dark Matter - Hype Level 4.

This was terrible. Admittedly I only watched a couple but it was a really bad Firefly clone with terrible characters and awful production quality. Didn't stop it getting a s2 though.

Residue - Hype Level 3.

This was ok, but it was only 3 episodes long, didn't really resolve anything, and I don't think they are making any more, so not worth watching despite having some quality.

Sense8 - Hype Level 5.

This was incredible TV. I don't understand why none of you ever watched it or if you did, didn't rave about it.

Humans - Hype Level 3.

I watched the first one. To be honest it seemed ok, nothing special, but it's difficult for me to watch here in Denmark except by streaming over a VPN with bad quality, so I never watched any more. It has good reviews and s2 is coming.

Scream Queens - Hype Level 0.

Didn't try it. The ratings are ok and it has also got a s2.

Minority Report- Hype Level 2.

I never tried it. Mediocre reviews, followed by a shortened s1 and then cancelled.

Rosewood - Hype Level 1.

Haven't seen it available to watch anywhere. Reviews are ok and got a s2.

The Frankenstein Code - Hype Level 3.

This was renamed to Second Chance before it launched.

Another that I haven't seen any sign of over here. Reviews are mediocre. Season 1 was shortened and it's probably cancelled.

Lucifer - Hype Level 5.

I watched all of this. It's not as good as I'd hoped or expected but it's watchable. Reviews are ok and it got renewed for s2.

Supergirl - Hype Level 3.

I watched episode 1 and hated it. The reviews are very good though. Also, it's moving from CBS to the CW and will join the Arrowverse, so I might have to start watching it.

Limitless - Hype Level 2.

Never saw it available to watch. Mediocre reviews and already cancelled.

Code Black - Hype Level 1.

Never saw it available. Reviews ok, returning for s2.

Blood and Oil - Hype Level 1.

Never saw it available. Reviews average. Shortened s1 and then cancelled.

The Catch - Hype Level 2.

Yet another that I never saw broadcast anywhere. Doing fine, renewed for s2.

Quantico - Hype Level 3.

Watched a bunch of these. When Mrs Troy gave up I never went back to it but it's not awful. Fairly good reviews and got renewed.

Wicked City - Hype Level 3.

Never saw it available over here. Bad reviews. Cancelled.

The Family - Hype Level 1.

Did see this available but never tried it. Reviews are ok, got renewed. Don't know anything about it though.

Of Kings and Prophets - Hype Level 0.

Probably my best prediction, since it was cancelled after a whopping 2 episodes.

Blindspot - Hype Level 4.

Watched a load of these. And then left the last few saved to watch later for months before finally deleting them just a couple of days ago. It's ok. Reviews ok. Got renewed. I just hate the male lead, he is terrible.

The Player - Hype Level 2.

Never saw it shown anywhere. Mixed reviews. Cancelled.

Legends of Tomorrow - Hype Level 4.

Watched all of these. Would I have watched them if they weren't in the Arrowverse? Probably. But I wouldn't blame anyone who didn't. It wasn't great. Anyway, it got renewed and I'll be watching s2.

Containment - Hype Level 3.

Yet another that never made it over here. Reviews are ok but cancelled.

So in conclusion, my predictions were below average but the new tv as a whole was below average in my opinion.

Not sure why I never mentioned Jessica Jones. That was awesome. Others that I missed entirely were Preacher which I just finished last night and was excellent. Outcast which I'm struggling to watched after 3 episodes. I want to like it but it's just a bit rubbish. And Stranger Things which was really good.

Oh and I nearly forgot The Expanse. That was also excellent. Much better than the fair reviews it has. Looking forward to s2.

So in conclusion, the good new tv was, in no particular order:

Jessica Jones
Stranger Things
The Expanse

Only 1 of which was even present in my list. Is that going to stop me bothering to make a new list for this year? Not likely..