New TV - 2016/17 Edition

For Oblivion. And some other stuff, I suppose.
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New TV - 2016/17 Edition

#1 Post by TroyBlade » Tue Sep 20, 2016 3:37 pm

I've decided that I can't be arsed to go through everything because there is so. much. crap. And that's not even counting all the new comedies.

In general, expect lots of tv series of old movies. Because Limitless worked so well?

I will start with one of those though, that was already mentioned in Oblivion.


Based on the 1970s movie, that was probably awesome.

It does look watchable, for sure.


This one doesn't sound incredibly appealing. It's what happens to some guy after he returns from Vietnam in the 70s.

The reason it makes my list, is it's because it's what the creators of Banshee did next. Which earns them a truckload of leeway in my book.

And the trailer does look more interesting than my limited description above..

Luke Cage

Another one we all know about already. We already met him in Jessica Jones. Will be awesome.

Iron Fist

And while we're here, might as well mention that last of The Defenders' individual series, coming in spring next year.

Without knowing anything about it, will also be awesome.

Designated Survivor

This is the Laura Roselyn story from Battlestar Galactica. Except without the robots or the space travel.

24: Legacy

24 without Jack Bauer? Sounds dubious. The trailer doesn't look terrible though. I suspect I shall watch.


A Billionaire is fed up with the police in his city, so he privatises them and gives them loads of tech. The trailer looks more interesting than it sounds.

So I mentioned the tv shows based on old movies. There are some decent films being redone but none of the shows looks AMAZING to me. They are, in no particular order;


Not sure how this actually relates to the movie other than the actual premise of contacting your dad in the past to change the present. A bit confusing to me. Maybe I don't remember the movie properly.

Lethal Weapon

New actors actually playing Murtagh and Riggs.

The Exorcist

Sounds like a less interesting Outcast. If that's possible.

Training Day

Sounds like more unoriginal bullshit to me. Except... Bill Paxton playing the Denzel Washington role? I'm in!

Dishonourable mentions:

Timeless - A historian gets invited to join the Homeland Security TimeCop division to help with not fucking up timelines.

Prison Break - Ok this isn't new I suppose, since it's all the same cast as before. I have a little hope since it's back to its breaking out of prison roots. Season 5 still sucked though. And season 2. And I can't even remember season 4. So that must have sucked as well. Unless I just made up season 4 and season 5 was season 4 and there was no season 5 yet. I don't care either way.

Time After Time - You know why Jack the Ripper was never caught? Because he time travelled to present day New York, obviously.

MacGyver - Reboot. Should I be old enough to remember this? I feel like I should be but I really don't.

And finally, I don't think it's going to make it this year/season, but apparently there really is going to be a tv series of Tremors, which will ignore everything after the original movie, but the AMAZING part is, it's actually going to star Kevin Bacon!
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Re: New TV - 2016/17 Edition

#2 Post by Glombeard » Tue Sep 20, 2016 7:10 pm

well done Troy. i guess i'll keep an eye on Westworld and Frequency (should they arrive here soon).

and TREMORS!!!

.....and Kevin Bacon (though everytime i read his name in my mind Footloose song starts playing..a nightmare)
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Re: New TV - 2016/17 Edition

#3 Post by Revolver » Tue Sep 20, 2016 10:26 pm

You don't remember Macgyver? Really? It was AMAZING.

(good work, btw)
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Re: New TV - 2016/17 Edition

#4 Post by Fienasre » Thu Sep 22, 2016 9:12 am

Wow... never though I would meet someone that does not know/remember Macgyver. AMAZING.

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Re: New TV - 2016/17 Edition

#5 Post by TroyBlade » Thu Sep 22, 2016 9:41 am

I know of it of course. He err, solves situations with science. Or something. Like when you lock up the A Team in a tool shed every week, except he gets locked up in a chemical storage cupboard. I dunno, that's how I imagine it anyway.

Anyway I looked it up and I was 12 to 19 when it was on. So obviously not too young to remember it. I didn't really watch any tv from 16 though. Not for about 10 years I reckon.
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Re: New TV - 2016/17 Edition

#6 Post by TroyBlade » Tue Oct 11, 2016 1:35 pm

Some first impressions..

Westworld after 2 episodes is very cool and all. I don't know though, I was expecting more than just robots becoming aware that they are robots. Still plenty of time for that I suppose. Still watching.

Quarry after 3 episodes. It's no Banshee unfortunately. It's fine though. He's an interesting enough character. Just about. Still watching.

Luke Cage after 7 episodes or so. Has some issues. Cheesy dialogue some times. Lots of scenes where he gets shot and then kicks arse. Bad guys not bad enough. Or not threatening enough to him. I do like the style and the music but it's the worst of the Marvel/Netflix tv shows for me. Still watching.

Designated Survivor after 1 episode. Basically only seen what's on the trailer so far. Not gripped. Will give it at least 1 more episode but don't have high hopes.

Lethal Weapon after 3 episodes. It's fine enough. I quite like the new Murtaugh and his family. Riggs will take some getting used to though. Still watching but with so much tv starting up again now, it's going to be low priority I expect.

The Exorcist after 1 episode. Despite taking itself way more seriously than Outcast, which wouldn't be my usual preference, I'm already more intrigued by this. Definitely watching more. In fact, I think it's the winner of those I have watched so far. Which isn't saying a great deal, but I would say that if you think you might like a tv show of The Exorcist, then you probably will.
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