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#1 Post by Deathviper » Tue Dec 14, 2010 3:52 pm

When do we raid?

We currently raid once per week, on Wednesday @ 20:30 – 23:00. We will add a second raid on Monday or Sunday if we see we have enough signups. We will be happy to keep raiding beyond 23:00 only if all the members of the raid will be ok with that.

Raid start time is the time we expect everyone to be in the instance, buffed and ready to go. It is not the time to start asking for a summon, or to finish up your dungeon and start making your way to the raid.

If you cannot make the start (or make it to the end) then please add this to your note when signing up so we all know if there is any issues. If at the raid end time we have a target in sight and everyone is happy to do so we may continue past the end time, it is not a problem if you have to go though, and don’t feel bad if you need to leave once the end time has passed.

Who leads the raids?

Raids are almost always led by an officer, if an officer is not available (or they choose not to lead), another experienced member will be asked to lead the raid. Please note that the raid leader is in charge of the raid, whether they are an officer or not. Input and discussions are always welcome, but the raid leaders decision is always final.

If you have any issues with anything that has happened during the raid, then please contact an officer after the raid has ended. Raid should not have to be delayed for 15 minutes to debate a point and any issues should not be drawn into guild chat and create an unhealthy atmosphere.

Where are we going?

Obviously no one answer can be given here as this will change throughout an expansion. In general the intended raid will be shown on the raid planner when you sign up. On rare occasions the destination may be changed after sign ups close if it is felt that the balance/strength of the team is better suited to an alternative. If it is known in advance we will let you know on the forum ASAP if the planned destination is different.

Pandaria has a fixed progression route so we will follow that trying to go wherever the team is

Again, please do not create an issue if the destination suddenly changes and you still want to get your ‘AMAZING pants of strength’ from the original destination. If you believe that the guild should focus in another direction than what has been chosen then by all means please start a topic on the forum and we can discuss it.

Who gets all the loot?

We do not use any form of dkp for loot distribution and instead rely on people to ‘share the love’. We expect people to be mindful of the fact that the loot needs to be shared around fairly and that bob getting a new axe instead of you still makes our raid team stronger at the end of the day and allows us to progress. So when rolling please bear this in mind, maybe you have been on a good streak lately so decide to pass for someone else, maybe they have been on a bad streak and it would be nice to get an upgrade, maybe they never got a weapon upgrade in the whole of the last tier so this item is a much bigger upgrade for them. This is all part of the love system.

Saying this we do have a few rules when it comes to loot:

1) A characters main spec always has priority over secondary spec, even if they are having to play that secondary spec to help out the raid (ie a dps is healing to help out, their main spec is still dps for loot purposes)
2) If the people rolling have already won the main spec items on that run, the person with the least wins will always receive the loot (ie A has 2 wins, B has 1, B will receive the loot. The next roll when they have 2 each would be a free roll). Please note off spec items do not have any baring on this.
3) Off spec items will be awarded to players who actively use their off spec ahead of those that are collecting a set for the future which they may never use.
4) BoE items will only be main spec rolled, or go offspec to a player who uses that offspec in raids when needed. They will then be placed in the guild bank (or offered to a player who is not present but is know to need it)
5) Anything not won will be sharded and the shards placed in the guild bank. Please note these shards are available for any raiders for enchanting needs.

Please note that a change from LFR to normal gear is considered a full upgrade and you're entitled to roll for that gear as a "need" roll, but that if there are people that could use that upgrade more, expecially if they have an hc dungeon gear on that slot, we expect you to pass and let them get the gear in a true "spread the love" fashion.

If we think the love system is not working and/or people are abusing it we may look at ways we can improve things (such as reintroducing the wishlists) but we do not foresee there being aproblem with the current raiders and would like to continue how we have been if possible.

What is expected of a raider

Please see below for what we expect from people who wish to be part of the raid team:

1) Gear fully enchanted and gemmed. This does not necessarily mean a BiS enchant & gem in every slot. A cheaper but only slightly less powerful enchant on an item you expect to replace soon is not going to get you not picked. Completed unenchanted gear or empty (or poor green gems) gem slot will.
2) Being online, in the instance and ready to start at raid start time unless you have notified us in advance.
3) Having sufficient flasks/potions/buff food/reagents etc to last the night. While feasts/cauldrons may be provided, do not assume that this will always be the case and bring sufficient quantities to ensure you can last for the full 3 (or 2) hours of the raid.
4) Reading boss tactics in advance of new fights. This can either be guides written on this site (if applicable) or anywhere else you may prefer, tankspot, wowwiki and various others are available. We can do quick recaps before new fights but it saves massive amounts of time for people to be prepared in advance.
5) Reading the raiding section of this forum. We often discuss strategies, scheduling, balance etc in this forum and everyone contributing (or at least making sure they are aware of what is going on) makes things much easier. Remember we want raiding to be as fun for everyone as possible, this is only possible if we know what people tell us how we can make things better! Any other section in the forum is optional (though encouraged)
6) Have a decent understanding of your class. We don’t expect people to study every post at EJ to find that extra 10 dps, but we do expect people to be able to perform there roll at a decent level that is needed for the content we are attempting.

I have 10 level 90 characters, can I bring a different one each day?

The general rule here is no, we would expect you to have a main and stick to it, especially through progression content. Once content gets easier and we have stuff on farm we may be able to afford to let people bring lower geared alts, though we can’t afford to take an entire undergeared raid. So basically we will try and accommodate some alts if possible for farm content but would always expect people to be willing to bring their mains if asked to do so. It should go without saying that any alt will have to meet the same conditions as a main to be considered.

The main exception is alts which will help balance for the team. Wanting to bring a healer, for example, when we are short is in fact encouraged and will be greatly appretiated.

If you want to bring an alt to a raid for whatever reason, please tell that in advance to an officer or to the raid leader prior the start of the raid. Just signing up on the calendar with an alt won't do and, even if we always encourage people to sign up with the char they will use, any alt signed up without any agreement with the officer will be read as a main signup.

Do we use teamspeak

The simple answer is no we don’t. The longer answer is that we have discussed this in the past and the main drawback against this is that raiding is a social experience and hopefully is fun for us all. Some members of our team are simply not able to use teamspeak (they raid in the same room as a sleeping child for example), to use it while excluding some people would segregate the raid team, and the person not using it may as well be playing on their own if noone uses written chat.

How do you pick who goes?

We don’t have any hard and fast rules as to who we pick on every raid, simply because there are many factors we have to take into consideration. Listed below are many of the things we look at when confirming a team:

1) Attendance – Being late or not turning up at all will quickly lead to you not being picked in the future. That being said, things happen that cannot be predicted which will effect your attendance, if something crops up and you can’t make it then ideally let us know in advance if you can but if not an explanation/apology after will remedy the situation
2) Rules – We obviously expect raiders to follow all the rules as listed previously
3) Balance – A team with 10 mages, while pretty awesome, will not get very far in a raid. We always have to take the right balance for the raid we are intending to do
4) Sign ups – If we have 14 people signed up for a 10 player raid, then we have to drop 4 people no matter how much we may not want to. There may be noting to pick between them except for literally picking a name out a hat. If we do have to drop people for no other specific reasons then you will always be treated as priority for the next raid you sign up to.
5) Guild members will always have priority over non guild members.
6) The ‘A’ Team – This does not exist, we do not have a group of preferred players who we pick when we can because they are our friends, they give us gold or because their sword is pointier. We try and be as fair as possible when picking a team, I apologise in advance for when we have to drop people as sometimes the decision is literally impossible.

This is all very serious for a casual guild isn’t it?

At the end of the day people raid to have fun and of course we want that to be the case. The above is not intended to take that fun away, most of this has been in place since we started raiding years ago but just not really written down, it’s stuff that is generally just common sense for people wanting to raid.

Generally people have more fun on a raid when that raid is successful and the above is intended to help that be the case. We still have a laugh when raiding, as it is still a social activity and the atmosphere is normally very good and relaxed.

And yes we may be a casual guild but we also like to be successful when we do raid so we can all be proud of what we accomplish.

What should I do if I have a problem?

If there is anything you are not happy about whether it be any of these rules or something that happens during a raid then please follow the below guidelines:

1) If practical mention to the raid leader at the time but do not make a big thing of it mid raid.
2) If it cannot be dealt with quickly at the time the whisper the raid leader or an officer after the raid.
3) If you are comfortable doing so and it is a general complaint that relates to the guild as a whole then start a topic on the forum
4) If necessary send a message to an officer (preferably on the forum rather than in game mail) and we will then look into it
5) Under no circumstances should issues be escalated in public channels when it will create tension/a bad atmosphere in the guild. Please either deal with it in private with the individuals involved or bring the issue to the forum
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#2 Post by Deathviper » Thu Jan 27, 2011 6:36 pm

An addition to the above. As always comments welcome on this change

How long are sign ups open & when is the team picked

Raids are preloaded onto the calender as recurring weekly events so you can sign up as much in advance as you wish.

While the wowstead calender does not have a sign up end time like the old planner so you can theoretically sign up a few minutes before the raid if you wished, priority will be given to those that sign more than 24 hours in advance (presuming they meet the normal requirements above).

The reason we have made this change is that it is very hard to plan a raid when people only sign a few hours before the raid. We are very reluctant to cancel raids at the moment as we simply have no idea whether we will get enough people and so those who have signed have no idea what the situation is. Simirlarly if we have to drop people we would like to do so as early as possible.

We understand that some people like to leave it until late to sign but that is not fair on those people who have RL things that they need to organise around. People have families and other commitments which are hard to manage when you do not know what is going on until the last minute.

In addition we (the officers) also have to have time to discuss the team and with extra sign ups coming in while we are talking (we obviously have other things on during the day so it can take a few hours) it just further complicates the process.

Hopefully people will understand why we are changing this and can plan accordingly.
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#3 Post by Deathviper » Wed Feb 02, 2011 1:47 pm

As a small amendment to the above. If you don't sign the day before, signing early on the day of the raid will also mean you have more chance of being picked.

Often we are in a situation where we are missing say one person, as soon as we get a suitable sign up we are likely to agree the team.

So please sign up as early as you can!
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#4 Post by shindarak » Wed Mar 14, 2012 6:29 pm

Last week we decided to not have a guildrun. People made their own raid and went to DS to kill the first 6 bosses. Nice accomplishment. There were a few guildies and the rest was pugged. It came to our attention (we got some mail from upset people who went with that raid) that the loot was not handled correctly. Essences of destruction weren't rolled for even though it was told that they would be rolled for at the end of the raid. Gear was need-rolled for and not with the intentoin to use it.
If a guildy sets up a raid, he should be aware that bad behaviour results in a bad name. Not only of himself but of the guild as well. We have quite a nice reputation on this server (since we have quite some people who have raided with other guilds/pugs and did so nicely and we are one of the oldest guilds on this server).

We can't and will not tolerate if people tarnish our reputation with bad behaviour and disputes over some loot.

We, as a guild, use "the love system" for the loot. This doesn't depend on who we are raiding with: guildies or pugs, we treat the loot in the same way, as this is one of the most basic principles we built our guild on. We expect nothing else from ALL our Raid(er)s, in whatever context they are! So next time people organise a raid they will make the love system loot rules known at the start (and to everyone else who joins later) and holds himself to it. We want everyone that plays with us share the fun and enjoy the time spent with us, it's the only way we have to keep the Renegade name and reputation up.

If you don't agree with these simple rules you are still free to organise your raid, but no longer as a RoF-er. So please leave the guild or we WILL kick you if this happens again......
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